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I want to ignore the whole Alicorn drama, but it is so widespread that I have had to disable my watches just to avoid it. Both sides are irritating me. On the one hand, I do believe that people do have very good reason to hate the change. It is not what Faust had intended (she has stated that if it were up to her, there would be only 2 alicorns), it's a stupid idea that you would expect from fanfiction but not from the actual show, and it is clear that the main motivation for it is just to sell more toys. But the problem with all of these arguments is that, at this point, it is pretty damn late to make them. The show has been deviating from Faust's original vision for almost two seasons now, the show has already drawn from terrible fanfiction (ie Derpy), and selling toys has been the main priority for a while now (eg the Friendship Express being prominently featured in "The Last Roundup", the introduction of RD pet turtle, Cadence, Cadence, CADENCE). If you haven't had any issues with the show up to this point, then why now? The show has been building up to this dumb fanfiction plot point ever since Cadence was made an alicorn.

That being said, I still believe that these people have the right to express their opinion (even if that opinion takes the shape of alicorn twilight crying because she is apparently not herself, as if her outward appearance is all that matters). And all these people who are pissed off at people for hating the change, well, I don't think it is for them to decide how other people should feel. No one HAS to like anything in the show, and everyone is free to hate anything for whatever reason. I think that people are going WAY overboard in Alicorn thing but that doesn't mean that their position is automatically invalid, and it irritates me when people say it does. I always have a big problem with people who say that the problem with someones argument is not the argument itself, but the fact that they are making one at all. I've seen a lot of stupid things come from the anti alicorn people but I have also seen equally stupid things said by the pro/indifferent.

So here I am, hating both sides of an argument I don't care about and finding no way to avoid it while still enjoying the fanwork. I think I'll just have to keep my distance from pony sites until this whole thing blows over.

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